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GlassParency drastically improves the lifetime of your solar panels, reduces maintenance costs and increases energy efficiency. Our solar panel hydrophobic coating repels rain and snow, allowing it to flow off the surfaces of your solar panels more easily. Solar panels, therefore, become more efficient in inclement weather.

The self-cleaning properties our hydrophobic glass treatment offers allow for bird droppings, dust and many other contaminants to be more easily removed by rain or by manually spraying water over your panels.

Keep Your Green Energy
Production at its Peak

Ice & Snow


In harsh winter months, snow and sleet will repel and ice will become easier to remove, cutting down defrosting time.

Wash away bugs, dirt
and debris


Bugs, dirt, mud and hard water stains will have a hard time sticking to treated glass, making them simply wash away.

Improved longevity


GlassParency greatly increases the longevity of solar panels, staying cleaner longer and reducing maintenance costs