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Maintaining glass surfaces in a home or office can be incredibly time consuming. Treated glass will stay cleaner, saving you valuable time.

Optically improving your glass surfaces will improve the aesthetic of your space by allowing for more natural light to enter.

Nothing is Better Than a Spotless Shower.

Did you know, shower glass is regularly exposed to body oils, soap scum, mold and hard water, making it more likely to develop stains than most other glass surfaces in your home? Typically, consumers will purchase a clear glass shower enclosure for their bathroom with the appeal of beauty in mind. For this reason, we recommend using GlassParency as a shower glass coating. Upon application, you’ll see and experience a protective hydrophobic barrier that repels water. In effect, less water will stick and dry on your shower glass.

Benefits of Using GlassParency For Shower Glass Protection

  • Less maintenance
  • Creates a more sanitary environment
  • Repels water, body oils, soap scum, mold, and more
  • Ease of application
  • Instant cure time
  • Saves time and money

Resist hard water staining


GlassParency seals the natural pores of glass, protecting it from damaging hard water stains.

Wash away grime, dirt
and water spots


Grime, dirt, and water spots will have a hard time sticking to treated glass, making them simply wash away.

optically clearer


Glass will become optically clearer, improving the overall aesthetics of your shower.