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GlassParency helps to maintain a clear view on the water by micro beading away ocean spray and limiting solar glare.

Your marine glass will also look cleaner and newer with salt water degradation protection and limited hard water staining.

A Revolutionary Glass Treatment

With our marine glass coating, you’ll never have to worry about salt water spray stains or deterioration on your boat’s windshield and other glass surfaces. After treatment, any bird droppings, oil, fish blood, and/or beverages will easily wash away. Salt water will simply slip off your marine glass, improving visibility which is extremely important during storms. Additionally, the coating will decrease any stubborn glare you may experience while driving.  This is an important safety benefit for everyone on your marine vessel as solar glare reflecting off the water can be blinding at times.

The Benefits of Marine Glass Coating

Prevents Salt Water
Degradation & Hard
water staining


Salt water will be repelled, preventing it from degrading marine glass over time. Treated glass will become more resistant to hard water staining leaving it optically clearer, improving the overall appearance of a treated vessel.

Solar Glare


Improve your vision while boating by limiting glare reflecting off the water. Light passes directly through treated glass and does not refract within the glasses pores like it does through a piece of untreated glass.

Ease of


By making glass perfectly smooth, contaminants can no longer enter the glasses pores. Dirt, bugs & bird droppings simply wash away, making maintaining any vessels’ glass a breeze.

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