Working on construction sites can be dangerous if those operating heavy machinery do not have a clear view of what’s ahead.

Make your work site safer and more productive with cleaner and more chip resistant glass on your trucks, cranes and other equipment.

Clearer vision, safer worksite.

Ice, Water & Snow


Construction jobs have strict deadlines and weather conditions aren’t always ideal. Treated glass will repel water, ice and snow giving worker a clearer view of whats ahead.

Resist Small Chips
And Sand Blasting


Glass under a microscope has many hills and valleys creating “contact points”. By treating glass, these hills and valleys are filled, making rocks more likely to bounce off rather than coming in contact with a “contact point”.

Dirt, mud & dust
simply wash away


Dirt, mud & dust will have a hard time sticking to treated glass making them simply wash away. This creates a clearer view for the operator and reduces equipment downtime for necessary cleaning.