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Maintaining glass surfaces in a home or office can be incredibly time consuming. Treated glass will stay cleaner, saving your valuable time.

Optically improving your glass surfaces will improve the aesthetic of your space by allowing for more natural light to enter.

Why you should stop using Windex and similar products for home window protection:

You’ll only need to apply GlassParency’s liquid glass coating to your windows once. After application, you’ll find that the glass will stay clean and pristine and require less maintenance.

Our liquid glass coating protects against dirt, dust, grime, oil, hard water stains and other contaminants. Snow and ice will also have a harder time sticking to treated glass surfaces and be much easier to remove.

Since our patented liquid glass coating has no cure time so upon application, it can immediately start defending against the elements.

Spend more time admiring your home & less time maintaining it.

Glass become optically clearer


By treating glass, your view of the outside will become optically clearer, improving the aesthetics of the building.

Wash away dirt, dust
and grime


Dirt, dust, grime and hard water stains will have a hard time sticking to treated glass, making them simply wash away.

Resist Hard Water


Treated glass will become more resistant to hard water staining leaving it optically cleaner, improving the overall appearance of a treated home or building.