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The most popular use for GlassParency is in the automotive industry as a hydrophobic windshield coating. GlassParency is unmatched by the competition because our patented product is the best automotive glass treatment in the industry. Say goodbye to rain, snow, water stains, mud, sleet, and many other contaminants and say hello to an immensely improved overall driving experience with reduced glare, increased safety and an impressively enhanced visual clarity. Learn more about why thousands of customers choose GlassParency to protect their windshields.

Increase the lifetime of your solar panels, increase energy efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs as our solar panel hydrophobic coating repels any rain and allows for snow to flow off the glass surface of your solar panels more easily.

Whether you’re looking to treat your windows at your home residence or at your place of business, GlassParency has you covered! Our glass treatment reacts to silicone dioxide, which is the primary chemical in glass to help keep your windows and other glass surfaces clean from environmental contaminants like dust, pollen, rain, and snow.

Commercial trucks and tractor trailers are known to face serious weather conditions and other dangers. You can count on GlassParency to make one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States safer by improving glass clarity and visibility to extend driver reaction time in even the harshest weather.

GlassParency provides windshield protection for even the roughest and toughest heavy equipment vehicles, allowing drivers to see what lays ahead. With our technology’s repellent properties, it will help ward off mud, dirt, rain, and other common visual disturbances. Learn more about how GlassParency creates a safer work environment.

Let’s be honest, no one likes having to constantly clean their shower glass. Stubborn mineral build-up like soap scum, body oil and mold can be quite the hassle but they’re no match for GlassParency. Check out how our product works to create a more hygienic bathroom environment.

With GlassParency, you’ll never have to worry about salt water sprays causing deterioration or stains on your vessel’s windshield and/or other glass surfaces. If you’ve ever been stuck in a storm at sea, you know just how hard it is to see where you’re headed. With our patented hydrophobic solution, rain and salt water will bead right off your glass allowing you to see clearly in front of you. Other contaminants like bird droppings, fish blood, oil, and/or beverages will wash away easily.